Saturday, February 17, 2007

Celebrity Yacht Race - Buff's gone AWOL

What's up with guest writer Buff Staysail? Or more precisely what's he been doing with the emergency use only credit card?

Not only have we heard nothing from the wayward Ozzie who's meant to be reporting on the celebrity yacht race but there's the not so slight issue of the two large and unauthorised charges he signed off.

Firstly there was a bar bill of Euros 1,287 at the Club Royal, followed by Euros 800 for something called "Executive Entertainment".

I've just about had enough of ol' BS. Time to give him his marching orders and tell the cc company to reject all further transactions.

What is really annoying is there is clearly some story brewing on the inaugural Monaco to Miami Celebrity Yacht race. As you can see in the figures above the fleet is heading south towards the trades and away from the high sitting over the Azores (see below).

All the boats that is, but one, which has peeled off and is skirting the coast of Morocco. Is this another crew in distress or yacht that has suffered some damage? The official web site is unfortunately keeping mum on the topic - for what reason one can only guess.

Its a shame, as this is just the sort of story that Buff should have been investigating.

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