Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Celebrity Yacht Race - Dismasting and Rescue Drama!

Sensation from the Celebrity Monaco to Miami yacht race! Our man on the spot, Buff Staysail, is there with the latest on the dismasting and rescue of the crew of "Wild Boys". Time for some BS:

Howdy folks! Its Buff Staysail here, Buff by name and Buff by nature!

Well nature hasn't been kind to the crew of "Wild Boys". As the fleet approached the Strait of Gibraltar it was hit by a full blown storm. While most yachts sought shelter by the Spanish Coast, two plucky boats head out, gambling on surviving it's 50 knot blasts.

One was the "Wild Boys" of Robbie Williams and Jay Kay, the other crewed by the wild brothers Gallagher on "Definitely Will Be".

Last night we heard the terrible news that Wild Boys had been dismasted after the boom caught the running back-stay during a crash gybe and riping it loose, the mast quickly tumbling down after.

There was a frantic period when the lads hacked away the wreckage only to find that in the chaos some spar had smashed a hole into the port quarter through which the Med was flowing in a message that said simply "boys, get out now".

So it was time for a mayday and launch those flares - and maybe even their hearts sank like the boat under them as they heard there was only one chance of rescue, from their arch rivals from Oasis.

With impressive seamanship, combined with nonchalant arrogance the Manchester duo maneuvered their Open 60 close along side to allow Jay Kay to attempt to throw a line.

Everyone at race HQ held their breaths as we waited to hear the result - with the boat sinking under them there would be only be one chance and the minutes were ticking by!

Then over the sat phone we heard the laconic tones of Liam - "we got 'em. Ponce and Wimp both on board. What the fuck to we do now?"

I don't mind saying, I cheered then I cried. It was one of the moments you'll always remember where you were.

Buff out.

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