Thursday, February 01, 2007

Celebrity Yacht Race - they're off!

In these cold winter days when we can only dream of sailing it's good to hear of those out on the water. Not just blogger's favourite Laser sailor, Tillerman, but the host of stars heading out across the Med towards distant Miami.

Next up for Captain JP is Friday's RORC crew party at the Chelsea Football Club - story in due course.

Now its time for another bulletin from our Buff - slightly late to check in and sounding a bit sheepish - what can he have been up to?

Howdy sailing fans! Buff Staysail here, Buff by name and Buff by nature!

Well that was a wet and wild rib out to the start, but it was worth it to see all the host of Open 60's heading out to the deep blue of the med crewed by the famous and infamous.

Being an Aussie to the core - born and bred within Koala spitting distance of the XXXX brewery in Brisbane - it was of course the Kylie boat I stuck to like glue. The pint-pot sized superstar has teamed up with none other than Madonna to the sensation of all those following this race.

Of course such a combination led to sparks - not least as to what to call the boat. But peace was restored when Ellen MacArthur suggested a compromise based on her schizophrenic B&Q/Castorama and have different names on each side of the boat.

And so the port side has "Queen of pop" in purple '70s sci-fi while the starboard has "Pop Princess" in pink and glitter.

The battle between these two to be skipper is still underway. Madonna is currently trying to prove her point by tying Kylie into the Bosun's chair and hawling her up to the mast head and refusing to let her down until she submits.

Strangely enough the wee one seems to be having the time of her life and is pretending to be a fairy at the top of a Christmas tree, singing "I should be so luck".

If only I could show some of the photos taken with your nice digital SLR, JP, but at that point my stomach rebelled and I had to hurl over the side, temporarily letting it go.

But don't worry - I put together the attached using Paint which gives you an idea and spent the emergency money you gave me on another.

Bottoms up!

Simpson's Emergency - Newsflash

There's been an update on what the serious technical failure reported on Jessica & Ashlee Simpson on "You what?" - apparently Jessica split a nail.

Thats a downer - I had bought her in the journo's sweep stake off that Elaine Bunting at Yachting World.

Looks like Buff is short another hundred Euros !

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