Sunday, February 04, 2007

Celebrity Yacht Race - Viewer Update

As previously noted, the official site of the inaugural Celebrity Monaco to Miami Yacht race is even worse than the 5 Oceans. However thanks to Tillerman unearthing an old Oric in his basement and Ant an old Bulgarian - English dictionary we have made progress with our own race viewer.

After a bit of hacking we have converted the raw data into Google Earth kml files, and so for all of you out there frustrated at not knowing where the fleet is, we can exclusively reveal the following graphic.

You can see the fleet heading out into the Med making good progress with the right side of the track having a clear advantage. The reason for this can be seen when superimposing the positions with the grib file previously posted.

It might have been further to travel for those that headed more west, but the extra winds from the mistral has certainly made it worth while!

As to our guest writer, Buff Staysail, little has been heard of him over the last 24 hours except he's been using my emergencies only credit card again - so he better have a good story when he surfaces.

But it makes me feel a little better about repeating the tale of ol' Buff and his extravagant claims from the Sydney Hobart race. I got chatting to an old crew mate of his who told me the true story during the RORC crew party.

As we watched some very nice yachtie tottie dancing the night away in an executive box in the Chelsea grounds he revealed that Buff spent most of the race in his bunk only emerging occasionally to eat the ship's supply of chocolate.

That's our Buff!

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Ant said...

Shameless linking, I like your style and love your blog... I'm gonna have to keep an eye on you... and the celebrity yacht race progress, and shamelessy link back 2 you for no reason!