Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Celebrity Yacht Race - Approaching the Bahamas

The remaining boats of the Monaco to Miami Celebrity Yacht race are closing in on the Bahamas with the Chilli Pepper's "Red Hot" firmly in the lead. Their positions can be seen in the exclusive race viewer, above.

The news that Britney and Paris's entry "No Knickers" had outside help (a fully professional paid crew) has come in front of the international jury that was unanimous in deciding they should be disqualified.

The reaction on the boat has been mixed. Britney, started drinking, went on the wagon, came off the wagon, went into therapy, came out of therapy, started drinking again, lost her underwear, stopped drinking, went into rehab, came out of rehab, started drinking, lost the rest of her clothes, and was last seen locked in the heads.

Meanwhile Paris simply shrugged her shoulders and turned over on the aft sun bed. She was no doubt compensated by the news that by giving her name to a new range of Sunseakers, the Paris Party Power range, she has made another cool $5m without lifting a finger. And this is after spending the entire crossing doing little more than getting the perfect all over tan.

The same jury also delivered its verdict on the crew swapping exercise of Madonna / Kylie / Robbie / Jay Kay / Liam / Noel and it was a firm thumbs down. We can but wait and see how those boats react.

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