Monday, March 12, 2007

Celebrity Yacht Race - Competition Time!!

Now the fleet are over half way there it's time for a competition!

The prize (*) - one t-shirt with "I'm in the Buff!" on one side and "Total BS" on the other.

These are rare (**) and possibly valuable (***) so enter now for a chance to win!!!

Just answer this question: "What is the connection between the All Saints and the American's Cup?"

(*) There are some rules but we're not telling you what they are
(**) To be honest I've never seen one
(***) Or possibly not .Who can say?


Tillerman said...

All Saints Day is November 1st and the original Deed of Gift for the Cup specified that no races could be sailed between November 1 and May 1. This was amended in 1985 at the request of the Royal Perth Yacht Club to say that this restriction only applied if the races were sailed in the northern hemisphere, and that if sailed in the southern hemisphere the restricted period would be May 1 to November 1.

Tillerman said...

In case you don't like that connection, how about this one?

K-Challenege helmsman Cameron Appleton's wife's name is Nicole Appleton.