Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Celebrity Yacht Race - the day after the day before

The shock waves from yesterday's interview by our own sailing correspondent Buff Staysail are still rippling around the Atlantic.

The suggestion from ol' BS that James Blunt falling overboard might not have been an accident has raised questions and generated responses.

Mostly, it must be admitted, the response has been positive. The Gallagher brothers set the tone with their simple message to surviving, if suspect, crewman Marilyn Manson, was "Good one, mate!"

Across Britain church bells were rung to celebrate the removal of the 4th most irritating thing in the UK.

The race organisers have expressed concern about legal implications but apparently the yacht, named after Ms Von Teese (who's photo gratuitously graced yesterday's post) was registered in Sealand, who's owners response was that they were opening a bottle of champagne.

Meanwhile the racing continues, as can be seen from the chart of latest positions, below.
It's been an interesting tactical battle to watch. For about 10 days the advantage swung from the north to south side of the course, with neither able to gain a decisive edge.

Then in the last few days there's been signs of a break-out by those to the far north. A ridge of high pressure is blocking the fleets way and its causing nothing but problems for those trying to battle their way through.

Two boats are to its north and have picked up the next weather system that should accelerate them towards Miami and the finish. Another boat to the far south is still in the trades, and plodding steadily along, though slowing.

But in the middle boat speeds are stuck under 5 knots and frustration is growing.

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