Friday, March 23, 2007

Celebrity Yacht Race - The Home Straight

Its the final days of the first Celebrity Monaco to Miami Yacht race and the thirsty crew must be imaging the beers lined up on the beach front bars. As they drink those first cold ones the victors will be boasting of their triumphs and while the losers will be drowning their sorrows.

For today some chickens have come to roost and some risky plays have come up trumps. The boats to the north have well and truly broken free from those to the south.

The two charts below show the positions of the boats overlaid on top of the wind strength and direction from stormsurf.

March 22nd:
March 23rd:
It is time to get the champagne on ice, for soon we will crown the winners.

Surely there can be no more surprises to come.


Kat said...

*getting the binoculars out in readiness*

ps(Is that James Blundt, floating on a piece of driftwood? ;)

JP said...

hmm.... it might also be a happy shark with a full stomach.

Who can say?

Katinka said...

(laughing out loud) Now I'll never be able to eat fish and chips again...