Monday, April 02, 2007

Celebrity Yacht Race - The End

It's time to wave farewell to our bold and brave celebrities. Across five thousand miles of wild ocean they have ventured, against tide, wind and wave, battling against the elements to compete in the first Monaco to Miami yacht race.

There is an old saying in offshore yacht races that to finish first you first have to finish and in this case the first to finish was also the only one to make it. But they were worthy to lift the silver urn and spray the celebratory champagne for Anthony and Flea from "Red Hot" have raced long and hard.

The chart above from the exclusive race viewer shows their tactics were spot on. Heading south after the Canary Islands but taking the north side of the course towards the end were not one but two great tactical choices.

Its also time to say goodbye to our guest correspondent, Buff Staysail. Its been a truly unique experience to share column space with one of the legends of the industry. I've had great insight into the workings required to create classic "BS".

For some final words on the race, lets hear for one last time from ol' Buff, posted from last nights race trophy presentation party:

Howdy folks! It's Buff Staysail here, Buff by name and Buff by nature!

I'm here in Miami beach where the Red Hot Chili Peppers are rocking a crowd of an estimated half a million. The winners have been back on dry land for under 24 hours and its been a non-stop whirl of press interviews, presentations, and parties, culminating in this, the celebratory gig.

The message they have is clear - this was not just a competition but a journey and one that has changed them for ever. They feel connected to our planet in a deep way, a meaningful way. They have seen the way we have despoiled our planets, with rubbish floating even in the midst of the widest oceans. They have seen the stars gleam bright in a sky unpolluted by the red glare of city lights.

They are not the only ones with Chris Martin and Sting off watching dolphins off Grand Canaria and with Marilyn Manson zen-like rejection of the competition element of the race in favour of experiencing sailing for sailing sake.

(And incidentally did you hear the story thats making the rounds of the bars here that James Blunt has been spotted alive having been rescued by a dolphin called Kat? Of course there are those that noticed the report was posted early Sunday morning so could be suspect but lets watch this space)

And as for yous truly I've learnt some hard truths. The incident in Ibiza with Sophie comes to mind and the one in Gibraltar with 50 Cents. My ol' ma in Brisbane had more than the odd word to say on both!

The 2007 Celebrity Monaco to Miami Yacht Race is over and its time to head off to what ever comes next. Its usually not hard to feel the anti-climax, to be let down now the race has become history.

But here in the warmth of the sunset, beer in hand, admiring the girls in their bikinis on their spring break its hard to feel bad about anything.

Thanks to all that followed this race and until the next time this is Buff Staysail, signing off

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Dolphin-Kat said...

*"squeeek, squee-rrrrr, Blunt!"

(translation: It was all a bit of a mix-up really. I initially thought Mr. Blunt was one of those inflatable beach toys.)