Sunday, April 01, 2007

Celebrity Yacht Race - The Winner!

It was in the early hours of this morning that the Open 60 "Red Hot" crossed the finish line of the first Celebrity Monaco to Miami Yacht Race.

The two victorious sailors, Anthony and Flea, celebrated with the usual display of hand-held flares, as they were surrounded by their support team and adoring fans, who were still going strong at 3am.

It had been quite a crossing, a total of 33 days 11 hours 58 minutes packed with excitement and drama right from the start.

Behind the other competitors have not had so much luck. Second place "Old Farts" of Mick Jagger and Rod Stewart crashed into a reef while sailing at 9 knots. Apparently they had a couple of spiffs and then decided to have a "little nap" - so age is finally catching up with those old rockers.

Behind them the "No Knickers" entry of Paris and Britney, disqualified for outside assistance, have headed off into the Carribean to find an exclusive resort to chill out in and hopefully go shopping.

Meanwhile the news that both "Re-invention" with Kylie, Jay Kay and Robbie and "Definitely Will Be" with the Gallagher brothers and Madonna were disqualified for their crew exchange have resulted in those two also heading off for a mystery destination closely followed by the "Sinners and Sailors" with the Appleton sisters off making sure Nicole's hubby behaves himself.

Finally Marilyn Manson on "Ditta Von Teese" is heading further and further south-east and his Zen like mission to become one with the sea and the girls of Ipanema.

The positions as "Red Hot" crossed the line is shown in the exclusive race viewer, below.

We'll have an update from ol' Buff tomorrow, but in the mean time here's the final standings:
1. After 33 days 11 hours 58 minutes
2. Outside assistance
3. Outside assistance
4. Outside assistance
5. Suspected illegal activites
6. Dismasted in storm then sank
7. Dolphin watching in the Canaries
8. Raving in Ibiza
9. Hit reef while asleep
10. Keep an eye on hubby
11. Didn't want to stop
12. Only one crew member
13. Only 1.36 crew members
14. Sank by entourage
15. Broken finger nail

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