Sunday, June 24, 2007

JP Down Under

Yes, at short notice JP has found himself in the land of vegimite, exchanging the warmth of London summer for the sharp cold of an Australian winter.

Not sure that there's going to be much chance of sailing amongst all the business commitments - and given that where I'm staying (Canberra) isn't on the coast.

Especially when jet lag wakes you at 3 am.

Oh well, needed to prepare a presentation anyhow......

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Katinka said...

(tried to comment on this post a few days ago but the page kept freezing)

G'day, JP!:) I hope you're surviving the Canberra winter and the lack of picturesque ocean vistas...hope you can make a quick jaunt off to somewhere prettier and warmer while you're Down Unda.

Has the jet-lag subsided yet? It tends to take a day or two to get over the ordeal of the journey! A good whiff of vegemite should do the trick ;)