Monday, June 11, 2007

Water Rats

Apologies for silence but this weekend was locked to desk writing an assignment for the OU course on Financial Strategy I've been studying.

On Saturday night I escaped for an hour for another bike ride along the Thames path. On the way I disturbed what looked like a rat - after all they do say that anywhere in London you are no more than a few metres from one. I hoped it was no normal rat, but a water rat, hero of the lovely Thames based classic story "The Wind in the Willows".

It was ratty who said - as many have said afterwards - "there is nothing - absolutely nothing - half as much worth doing as simply messing about in boats".

Of course the Thames where the story is set much further upstream, mild mannered and slow moving, a safe place for ratty's small rowing boat. However near me the current is too strong, with the tide rushing in and out faster.

I saw this classic heavy rowing boat one evening with three occupants that was loosing the battle - how ever hard they tried they were going backward, being dragged out towards the sea. In the end they gave up and as the water level fell, beached their craft and disappeared, not doubt to have a drink at the local pub.

Latter that evening I saw them again (below, under Putney Bridge). The sun had set and the tide had turned and they were heading back up river. Even though the day hadn't gone just as they planned I can't but help thinking that ratty would have been proud to have been proved right yet again.


Katinka said...

That's an absolutely stunning photograph...

ps(love the Wind in the Willows...always reminds me of my dad and his alter-ego, Toad :P)

JP said...

Thanks - its now my laptop's background picture.

Have to compete with Tillerman's sunset photos after all!

And no prizes for guessing my favourite WINW animal ;)