Thursday, September 06, 2007

Communting on the river

I have been challenged by Turinas of Messing About in Sailboats that I can't reach 10 different boating experiences by the end of the year, the loser to give money to charity (and no doubt buy the first drinks at the Dukes Head). You're on - sounds like a win-win scenario!

In the mean time I have had a really great boating experience but don't think it will qualify for those remaining slots as all I had to do was turn up and pay up. Yesterday I had two meetings in town and the timing was just right to take the river bus (above) in the morning and then back again in the evening.

It was so fun - a lovely late summer day, blue skies, and a gentle breeze. Its quick and takes you straight into the center, with the best views of London and its sights from Westminster, the Wheel, to St. Pauls and the Tates.

And there's a wonderful feeling of informality with boats. So at Chelsea Harbour we left and came back for some stragglers who were seen running down the jetty - you don't ever see the 8.12 to Croydon reverse down the tracks at Clapham Junction for late comers! And the rushing tide and rough and ready approach of the crew means more than a little banging and bumping. All good fun!

This morning I did it again even though strictly it meant going slightly out of my way.

Its just a shame that tomorrow like so most mornings I'll be back on the trains.


turinas said...

You're killing me. I take the bloody train every day. What I wouldn't give for a trip up the river to work

JP said...

Alas back to train as its rare there's a meeting in town at the right time.

There would have been a chance again on Monday as have 10.00 meeting near Blackfriars - but won't be able to go by boat as the tide will be too low that day for the boat to stop :(