Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Blog Traffic

According to this post by Elaine Bunting on Yachting World the America's Cup web site never got more than 6,000 visitors per month from the UK during the Louis Vuitton rounds. That is amazingly small for such an expensive event and maybe explains why the sponsor pulled out. Maybe the AC would have done better if they'd followed my suggestions.

However its fair to say I'm not going to get rich either writing this blog. According to Turinas on Messing about in sailboats its ranked at 1.2 millionth on Technorati with an Authority figure of 6 (whatever that means). Top is the 1,000 days at sea blog followed by our favourite sailing grandfather, Tillerman.

Three months traffic stands out:
  • October: top scoring were the series of posts about crossing the Atlantic on the Arc, which got boosted by a mention on Elaine Bunting's blog
  • August: there was a burst of traffic after writing up a week sailing dinghies in Turkey, mostly due to links from sites like One Design and admitting to my worst ever race
  • March: there was a steady drip of traffic due to Google searches of various celebrities that found their way to the entirely fictional Celebrity Yacht race
In a way it's reassuring that all were sailing related - and that a good sailing post gets noticed.

So just need to do a bit more sailing :)


Tillerman said...

You had some great posts during the year. I loved that Celebrity Yacht Race thing... very clever idea. I hope you're still getting a gazillion Google hits every time someone searches for one of those celebrities?

JP said...


Yup, still getting google celeb search hits. Though getting slower, so might be time to set the glittering ones afloat again. I have a couple of ideas....