Saturday, December 08, 2007

Celebrity Yacht Race 2008 Launch Party

The champagne is vintage, the glasses are sparkling, the canapes are even now being created by masters of the kitchen, for nothing but the best will do for the world's leading celebrities.

For tonight is the launch party of the 2008 Celebrity Yacht Race. Last year we thrilled as two dozen of the most famous men and women on the planet struggled against wind and tide from Monaco to far Miami.

There can only be one winner, and in this case there was just the one finisher: Antony and Flea on Red Hot crossed the line after 33 days 11 hours and 58 minutes. Other boats alas were not so fortunate, with one running aground, another sinking, several crew exchanges, and even a couple of arrests for drug running!

Due to lack of time JP is unfortunately unable to be present at "The Boat Shed" club in NY (the nautical theme has really taken over the night life there) so again we are proud to announce that our trusty reporter Buff Staysail - or BS as he's known in the industry - will be present.

Full story on the announcements from the Race Committee tomorrow - and which top names have booked their place in this the classic offshore race. Watch this space for all the latest news!

In the mean time catch up on the full story of last year's race, from the exciting start to the final farewell.

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