Monday, December 17, 2007

Lawsuit hits Celebrity Yacht Race!

Just had our Buff on the line literally gasping with excitement. Without further ado lets hear what he has to say. Take it away Buff!

Howdy folks! Its Buff Staysail here, buff by name and buff by nature!

Apologies to all my fans at the lack of an update on the 2008 Celebrity Yacht Race. I've been down at the race committee's office every day and they've been tight lipped, not even commenting on the riotous events of that dinner (more here for the late comers out there).

Not a bad thing actually, gave me a chance to give me ol' Ma a tour of the sights of fair New York city and catch the excellent Golden Compass with two of my other favourite ladies in it, namely Nicole Kidman (above) and Eva Green.

But enough of the travelogue, what's the latest news you ask? And well you might!!!

In a word - lawsuit! And not just one but two!

Not only that, but both are from the same person - a certain Red Hot Flea has put not one but two spanners in the works by claiming the race and entrants are against the original deed of covenant.

Now as you will be aware this was written up at about 3am during the MTV Europe awards party on a napkin (below). There has always been some debate about what clauses lay underneath the lipstick and who's number had been written on it.

However the key words are on the back, where it says "never again". Now many take this as being independent of the Yacht Race deeds and just the voice on one weary and ready for bed.

But according to Flea this was part of the race rules, which states that the race should be held just once, and hence his first lawsuit is that there should be no further races.

However the committee has pointed out the word annual implies a repeat - you can't have just the one race and call it an annual event.

But Flea has countered by his second law suit that says that the phrase "never again" means the competitors from one race are only allowed the one bite of the cherry and can't run again!

Are you confused? I know I am!

The word - strictly off the record - is that after the Gallagher brothers broke Flea's iPhone he is willing to go to any end to ensure they can't compete in the next race. If they withdraw the race is on, but at the moment the lads are sticking firm, so its a stalemate.

This is Buff, stuck in NY, waiting for the tide to bring some sailing news.

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