Friday, June 27, 2008

Three River Shorts

1. Look at this is a bit of risky parking on the Putney Embankment! Ok, it is a Range Rover and probably Jeremy Clarkson has driven one up a mountain or something. But a bit more tide and the wash from a passing boat and it could end up floating down the river....

2. It struck me as I was asked for and was able to give directions (to the pub The Boathouse - not that hard!) how after 18 months here now feel at home. And like Tillerman with "his bay" I have my curve of the Thames.

3. One of the nice things about river life is watching the wild life, in particular the birds. The largest and most elegant is the heron, which gives the impression of being a very stately animal, standing statue like as it waits for the fish to come by. But these amazing photos show another side to the bird, as a hunter - killer.

Do NOT open this link if you're a mother duck as you'll be waking quacking and quaking from nightmares for weeks to come!


Anonymous said...

This made miss Putney big time. I don't miss living in London that much but I do miss the Thames esp at Putney.

When I rowed, I used to come down to this very spot and I have seem many cars there and further down by Thames Rowing Club submerged. In fact I have seen the tide so high that a crew was actually rowing up the road.

Have a pint of Special for me in the Duke's Heads!

JP said...

Putney is one of the nicest bits of London - very lucky to be here!

Will remember to order the Special next time in the Duke's Head