Sunday, June 15, 2008

Wrecks of History

Couple of stories about discovery of the wrecks of British Navy ships making the news this week. There was this story of a wreck off the island of Alderney, believed to have sunk in the years after the Spanish Armada.

And there was this story of the HMS Ontario that sank during the American Revolution.

As well as the tragedy for the crew, there is always the wonder what might have been different if the boats had lived to sail another day.

Might the Ontario have made even a subtly change to the course of American - British relations? Would it have been enough to save London from a visit by the Toxic Texan?

I guess there are historical wrecks and wrecks of history!


Anonymous said...

A more detailed report is at the following site:

The ship however was not a Royal Navy vessel as it was built by the marine dept of the British army in North America.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about that URL.
Here is the tiny version

JP said...

Thanks very much for the link - very interesting to know more about the wreck.

Have you seen the videos of the wreck - amazing! it looks so unspoilt!