Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sailing Preparation

Today a very important package arrived. Last time was off sailing around Penzance my knees ended up cut and bruised. And soon will be off sailing the same boat again, and would rather come back with unscared knees.

So over the weekend ordered the knee protectors below:
This simple bit of clothing was also a top tip on Live Sail Die - see this article here.


tillerman said...

But how can you spot the windshifts if you can't feel the wind on your knees?

Katinka said...

Very cool!

(Wonder if they come in hot pink?*g*)

JP said...

Tillerman: nose and cheeks as usual!

Kat: alas your deck scrubbing tasks will have to be done either with black knee pads or, how shall I put it, au natural!

Anonymous said...

(no comment! *g*)