Monday, August 25, 2008

Running past the Duke's Head....

.... nope, couldn't do it.

I should have been taken one of those water bottles that sensible people have. And it was ok on the way out, heading up river.

But on the way back it was just too tempting, so stopped for a cool drink of cider and watched the local wild life - and the heron. It's a public holiday here today, so why not stop rushing and relax for a bit?

I somehow felt you guys would understand!


Katinka said...

That sounds more like what a good exercise regime should be like! ;)

Did you have your camera with you / get any snapshots of the heron?

JP said...

It felt like a treat or a holiday moment - you should do the same!

JP said...

Oh, and enjoy the heron picture (though taken at another time)