Saturday, August 02, 2008

Tin tack Thames

Was out for a paddle on the Thames on Thursday, heading up river to Barnes Bridge and back, and it rained.

That wasn't a bad thing as it had been a hot and sticky day with little wind and it was pleasantly cooling. But at least initially it was quite heavy with large heavy drops.

And where each one fell it left a shape a bit like that above - a sharp spike of water. And these spikes covered the surface of the Thames, which was otherwise calm and flat, as far as the eye could see. It was like a floor covered with tin tacks, all pointing upwards.

It only lasted a few minutes but was another of those gosh-look-at-the-river moments.

Then it was back to normal.

Actually there was another story from the paddle. One of the group is very keen on shouting out "rower" whenever one of them heads our direction and did so with a vengeance causing another kayaker to swerve off towards the shore so rapidly she ran herself aground. On inspection she found herself jammed on a falling tide at the outlet of a sewer just before a rainstorm hit the region.

Much amusement from all involved - though it might be one of those stories you had to be there to appreciate.

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