Friday, August 29, 2008

Two Square Metre Rule Jubilee Photos

I love this picture. It was taken by M. on our boat as we raced for the downwind mark - he has a good eye for sailing photos and had his digital SLR with him.

The time when going around the marks were pretty hectic so usually didn't get a chance to look at what was going on. But at moments like this half way up or down the course had chances like the other foredeckers here to crouch in the hatch or lie along the deck and watch the other boats.

And so here we were, five 30 square metre rule boats in a line, all with white hulls and wood decks, spinnakers flying, crews willing the boat to go faster, to get to the mark first.

And from memory we just got on the inside and was first to round!

The photo below is from the upwind leg - look at the mast bend on G-71!

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