Monday, November 03, 2008

Sydney Tower

I was rather looking forward to the daily visit from house keeping yesterday.

I had a plan and when she turned up (ok, the 2nd time she turned up as 1st time round was in the middle of something) dashed out of the hotel, crossed the block, and headed up the Sydney Tower. If all I had was a lunchtime hour to see the sights I better cram as many in at once and from the 305m high top you can see pretty much all of Sydney.

And it was a great break - could see the Harbour, the Bridge, the Opera House, Manly, Bondi, ferry boats, sailing yachts and dinghies (sigh), Botany Bay, the airport, and all the way to the Blue Mountains.

You could even see into the swimming pool at the roof top of the hotel which decided would be the 2nd treat of the day after the afternoons slog. And that too was great swimming amongst the towers of Sydney CBD, looking out over the harbour.


Katinka said...

Gorgeous view! Hopefully it wasn't quite as nerve-wracking as being trundled out in the glass chamber at the Eureka Tower.

JP said...

The view from the top of the Sydney Tower was lovely!

The Eureka tower however was more than a little freaky ;)