Monday, December 15, 2008

Vendee Globe Update - Update!


Vendee Globe leader Loick Peyron dismasted! Then new leader Jean-Pierre Dick gets serious rudder problems after UFO collision!

With average speeds of the chasing fleet an impressive 20 knots a change of leadership is expected but no guarantee it will be current number 2, Mike Golding!!

Meanwhile Bernard Stamm’s stricken CheminĂ©es Poujoulat (above) runs aground on the distant Kergulen Islands!

Back in old blighty, JP's laptop exclamation mark key complains of over-use!!


Greg and Kris said...

The exclamation mark is not a toy, my friend.

English teachers have been deployed and you are now on a watch list of overly enthusiastic puncutater; be thankful for the existence of 14 y/o's and text messaging, or you might be a higher priority target.

You may lose your privileges and find yourself having to spell out o-n-e since you're likely to be one key short of a full keyboard.

JP said...

I'm thinking of putting both entries in the Tillerman posts of 2008 competition.

I think they've got a chance in the "Poor writing style" award plus the "Special prize for excessive and unnecessary use of the exclamation mark".

Fingers crossed!

Annie said...

Years ago my partner told me that journalists call them 'whackers'. And, no, I didn't mean wankers!

BTW, I love the photo of the seal and the yacht and have been following your blog for several months.

We have a blog, too, but it's geared more to safety at sea than entertainment - - plus eclectic snippets about sailing.

JP said...

Hi Annie, thanks from dropping round and thanks also pointing out your blog - lots of really good seamanship points. I've added it to the list of sailing blogs.

Annie said...


What with Christmas and all, I've only just found your reply to my comment. Thank you for including our blog in your list of links. Learning more about the 'blogroll' on my wordpress blog is high on my list of priorities, so it won't be long until I reciprocate.