Friday, January 30, 2009

No more drunken sailors

Apparently there's a book of nursery rhymes been released but they've changed to words from "What shall we do to the drunken sailor" to "What shall we do with the grumpy pirate".

Got to say that seems a bit odd to me - being a pirate, robbing boats, terrorising the sea is ok, but drinking is a no no.

And what happened to the Captain's Daughter?



Katinka said...

There goes another good bus-trip song! Seems like proponents of political correctness are bent on killing historical accuracy. (or should I say "tickling", instead of killing?)

It all seems a bit ludicrous to censor classic songs like that when day-time TV often includes gory news updates on items such as bombings, murders and genocide.

JP said...

Does sound a bit ridiculous!

I'm going to keep on singing about drunken sailors - whether on a bus trip, in the car or in the bath :)

Anonymous said...

ARgh! here in NYC, near the financial center, we hold pirates sails for the kiddies! bloodcurdling scary though! everyone is dressed in business suits going aloft, standing on footropes. Blackberrys are on lanyards, of course.

JP said...

Its funny how kids love pirates.

My nephew and nieces favourite ride at Disneyland was the Pirates of the caribbean one.