Thursday, April 23, 2009

The pain behind a slightly nautical pop video

Adam has been treating us every Friday with a music video, often from the classics from the seventies and eighties when as we all know there were real bands around.

Alas my modest YouTube video is less old school though it has a vaguely nautical theme and a hidden tragedy.

If you watch it you will of course see a rather pretty blond sailing what looks like a Turkish Gulet (well I say sail, but to be honest there's rather a lot of motoring).

At about 56 seconds in you will see a classic example of how not to coil a rope, and there no doubt will be those gentlemen out there that will wince painfully that the young lady should go so misty eyed on one who clearly does not deserve it.

But sorry chaps, lets not get overdramatic here, if you want real pain check out a story about the singer / model of this "Everytime you need me " by Fragma (no not Frogma who is of course a paddler from NY) ft. Maria Rubia.

Now Maria Rubia is the singer and also Prada model who has recently given birth to her second son Brendon.

If you want to know why Brendon should remember to send not just a card but flowers too every Mother's Day (and why doctors should make sure they diagnose correctly first time) click this link here.


Gentlemen, our rope coiling might not be appreciated but at least we don't have that to worry about.


Anonymous said...

Where's a good iceberg when you need one?

JP said...

Alas all melted, global warming etc :(