Monday, July 27, 2009

Navionics Charts V2.2.1

There's been another update to the Navionics charting software from V2.1 to V2.2. Just as had got round to updating my iPhone there was another to V2.2.1

Traditionally versions of the form a.b.1 are a bug fix of the a.b release, so hopefully only need to do a single post.

So whats ah.... I'll find it in a moment .... yes - there it is!!

There is a new button to upload routes to Facebook: hmm... that would be very useful if I ever needed to upload a route to Facebook. But I don't so to be honest thats not such a big deal.

Not entirely sure where Navionics are going with their updates. I mean there's so much that should be done with waypoints and working out COG etc for sailors and racers, but it seems like they have someone else in mind.

Someone who has a motor yacht, potters around the Med, spot of fishing, likes to brag about their exploits to their mates, posting pics and routes on Facebook and probably is impressed rather than put off by the latest scandal from Italian PM Berlusconi.

I guess the rest of us will have to keep waiting......


aperissi said...

Hello! I'm Alessandra, and I work for Navionics. As you say, Navionics updates the iPhone App every month, implementing new features often suggested by customers. I also confirm that the 2.2.1 version is a bug fixing. The Fb share feature was implemented in the most recent version for “extending the boating experience beyond the boat”, as we like to say! The iPhone App gives the possibility to "play" on the charts before, during and after the boating experience and we have made of this message a priority.

What is new in this version? Here is the list of the most important features:
•Create up to 100 Routes
•Save up to 100 Tracks
•Store up to 200 Favorites (Photos, Objects, Tides, Currents, POI)
•Share your geotagged Pictures, Markers, Routes, Tracks on Facebook
•Additional specialty marine POI added
•Tides and Currents now include Moon phase

We would be glad to receive your suggestions and your readers' for our next software updates!



JP said...

Hi Alessandra. Thanks for the update as to what's in 2.2.1 release.

For me the routing and nav information is important and I'll post on what it could look like in a future post.