Thursday, July 02, 2009

Summer on the River

I've gathered from posts on Frogma and Proper Course that the weather on the east coast US hasn't been that good recently, with more than a spot of rain recently.

Here in jolly old England however things have been fab with a spell of lovely weather all week. Blue sky, warming sun, lovely sunsets, cool breazes on the river....

Of course the grey beauracracy of the system rather puts a downer on it by putting the UK on a "level 3 heatwave alert!" whatever that means.

Everyone else has been enjoying it, and ambling back home on my bike was tempted to go the wrong way just to make the journey longer, and could really see how those Italians soaking up this temperate airs could call out "ciao bella" to the beauties strolling by.

To hopefully cheer up those for whom summer has yet to come (and knowing our weather that will be us too tomorrow) here are some sunset boating pics.

Above is some kayaks for Bonnie, below some rowers for Adam, and at the bottom a Laser and friend for Tillerman.

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