Thursday, January 21, 2010

Alinghi to use Apple Tablet?

Howdy folks, Buff Staysail here, Buff by name and Buff by nature.

Well I was down the pub drowning a few cold ones with my mates from San Fran (O'Docker you know who we mean) when I heard about Tillerman's scoop about Lady Gaga. Now that was a bit of news or what.

However the chap who was sitting next to me by the bar (and frankly a bit worse for wear) said he had something to top even that. What is it you might ask? Well hold on to your hats, for here goes something that will BLOW your socks off.

It turns out the much rumoured Apple Tablet or Slate is part and parcel of Alinghi America's Cup campaign!

Surprised? Well I was!

But it makes perfect sense. The iSlate is being announced Wednesday 27th January, just 10 days before the America's Cup kicks off, too late even for Oracle to fight back, challenge it in the courts or make its own tactical tablet. Its form factor is just right for busy crew with its touch sensitive screen and no need for pen or keyboard.

The final evidence is the photo above that when zoomed up shows a tablet being held by one of the crew members.

So remember folks, you read it here first.

Lets iSlate that one to the power of the blogger!


Turinas said...

This will of course be contested by GGYC as it was not made in Switzerland, pushing back the AC by another month

Anonymous said...

actually, I was skydiving the other day, and I thought to myself: a computer should just be able to quickly and simply tell me how to adjust the sail trim on my Sunfish for optimum speed. I wanted leaner, cleaner, simpler...

I'm a PC, and Windows 7 was MY idea.

(word verification: oupsy)

O Docker said...

You may be right, Buff.

The latest Silicon Valley buzz is that - just to tick off rival Ellison - Apple is calling it the iLinghi.

JP said...

And Ellison will no doubt claim he thought of it first back 1995 when he called it a network computer

But Alinghi will counter-claim that the IPR is owned somehow by a Swiss company so its ok.

However Ellison.....

Oh heck, please just start racing!