Monday, April 19, 2010

Air travel vs. volcanic CO2 emissions

While the closure of most of the airspace of Western Europe is indeed a big nuisance for many and an unwanted expense to the airlines and fragile economies, there have been some benefits.

Firstly there has the blissful quiet for us Londoners, either under the flight path or one of the stacks for one or more of the capital's airports.

But also it's been good for CO2 emissions. The figure above from gizmodo gives an indication of CO2 generated by the volcano compared to European airlines, and the wonderfully named Eyjafjallajoekull is about 20 times smaller.

So that's a little bit of good news.

The bad news is the thought of that amount of CO2 entering the atmosphere week after week, year after year, decade after decade......


Anonymous said...

That figure is off by a factor 10-20: .

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