Sunday, March 27, 2011

9 year old girl wins for Britain!

It's a great day for Blighty, as a nine year old girl from Britain wins big in an international competition here on the Thames!

Yes, it is with great pride that I can reveal that Saffron Sollitt, from Wallingford, beat 500 other competitors from around the globe at Days Lock in Little Wittenham, near Abingdon, on the River Thames.

We have retained that key trophy - forget your cricket world cups, forget those cycling world golds in Sydney, Britain is top where it counts - Pooh Sticks!!

Good for you Saffron - you've made Britain proud!!


Tillerman said...

Woo hoo! That's great news. Does this mean that Saffron has clinched the British place in Pooh Sticks at the 2012 Olympics? Where is the Pooh Sticks event being held at the Olympics? Can you still buy tickets?

JP said...

All depends whether you want tickets for the heats or finals, and if so which category..... tricky one that. I haven't submit my form yet.

However I hear that Little Wittenham has recently upgraded its facilities to full Olympic standards, and is one of the venues that is ahead of schedule and ready for 2012!

Tillerman said...

Do they need any additional International Umpires for the Olympic match? I might be prepared to volunteer my services.

JP said...

Is that one of your "creative excuses" for regatta avoidance - prior commitment as an international pooh stick umpire?

Anyhow I think you should consider competing - you could enter your family as a team!

Woo hooo! - Go Team Tillerman!!

Tillerman said...

Now there's an idea. But I warn you, Team Tillerman has a very competitive 5-year-old in training who may just be the one to beat that Saffron kid and bring the gold medal back to the USA.

JP said...

Ha! I have seven nephews and nieces plus two godsons on team JP. We'll not let the pooh sticks gold go without a fight!

Baydog said...

Oh, bother

O Docker said...

Oh sorry, JP, I had no idea the loss to Oxford had you so depressed yesterday.

It's sad to see a grown man so, uh, well grasping for straws, shall we say? But if this helps, all's the better, what?

Fight fiercely, old Blighty!

Tillerman said...

You need to look at the big picture O Docker.

Overall record
Cambridge: 80 wins
Oxford: 76 wins

Most consecutive victories: Cambridge, 13 (1924–36)

Course record: Cambridge 1998

O Docker said...

Oh, the humanity!

Has there not been enough suffering on both sides, already?

When will these senseless battles cease?

JP said...

At the moment O'Docker I'm grasping at what ever straw comes my way.

At least there weren't any comments that connected Pooh Sticks with the Super Sewer.