Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Black Rabbit and the return of the Chelsea Bun

Chris from Rowing for Pleasure has posted a picture a bit like the one above and I can guess why, as I stopped there too when walking with the Natural Navigator.

You might not be too surprised to discover that the explanation involves a pub, namely The Black Rabbit that occupies this picturesque corner of the Arun river. It's a great location but I've heard a few bad stories of slow service and poor value for money.

Continuing the gastro theme, there is good news for any ex-Cambridge sailors out there (yes Tillerman I mean you) in that the famous Fitzbillies Chelsea Bun might be making a return.

Fingers crossed that next trip up there I'll be able to enjoy that sticky, gooey delicacy.


Baydog said...

At any cost (reasonably), I'd like you to send some buns my way, JP. They look irresistable.

JP said...

Will do - though last time there was actually a mail order service so they might be doing that again.