Saturday, October 15, 2011

Printed vs. iPad Yachting World

Every now and then I buy Yachting World and this week feeling like reading about Alex and Taru's (though really I think its Taru and Alex's) guide the Caribbean decided to get the latest copy.

But what format to choose? The paper version you might expect to be the more expensive. After all it requires glossy paper, a printer, distribution, shops space, sales assistant plus of course some will be damaged, other unsold etc etc - all very analogue and old tech.

It's also not locked into a single e-magazine format (Vinio) being totally portable, shareable - you can even give your copy to someone else to read.

The web 2.0 iPad version on the other hand has zero additional cost, zero distribution cost, zero storage cost, zero sales cost and its rights are locked to a device, so surely - surely - would cost less.

As you might have guessed by now that wasn't the case with the glossy paper version costing £ 4.50 while the Vinio version cost £ 5.49 - which is 22% more.

Now this would be a surprise if I didn't know about Apple's policy to take 30% of everything sold on their devices.

Given that iCloud isn't working for me this is all turning out to be not a good week for me and my less than magically iThings.

Updated: maybe I'm just showing my age at using an old technology that doesn't work as a baby expects:


Tillerman said...

Stop it. You are ruining my illusions. I want to believe in the iMagic.

JP said...

I'm sorry Tillerman.

Just to be on the safe side I better not say anything about who Father Christmas really is.