Monday, January 09, 2012

Buff Staysail boycotts Puma!

G'day all! Buff Staysail here! Buff by name and Buff by nature!

Of all the bleeding cheek! I mean, jeez, what does a blogger have to do to get ahead? There was I, feet up enjoying a nice cold one when I read over on Proper Course that Puma have paid for ten bloggers to be flown out to Abu Dhabi - and NOT included yours truly!!

Instead they've chosen a bunch of fashionistas that worry about things like looking cool - jeez, I'm lost for words.

I'm into fashion too - Buff is known for his style!! Didn't they see my America's Cup World Series TV show???? Didn't they know that I'm already a "Volvo Circumnavigator"????

I blame JP. If he hadn't gone around calling top-notch TV shows like Three men do X as a "yawn-fest" or saying the DTLs in the most recent Volvo leg as "meaningless" this would never have happened.

I wouldn't put it past him (or O'Docker) to have mentioned that phone hacking incident.

Jeez, to think I could be now modelling swimming shorts!! Or mixing it with Hepburn!!!

That's it, I've had enough. I'm not going to buy Puma gear let alone go to the gym three times a week. A man has his respect you know.

This is Buff Staysail - over AND out!!


Tillerman said...

Calm down Buff. You don't want to upset the big money sponsors. Get yourself on Tumblr and Instagram and start posting photos of yourself with one eye closed just like the cool kids do.

By the way, all is not well in the bloggy world of Mr. Hepburn (one of the ten bloggers sent to Abu Dhabi.) He has now arrived in Abu Dhabi and has just posted...

"My site is blocked in the UAE due to “questionable / prohibited content”.

Which is the best.

Looks like I’m just gonna be updating on the fly…"

The above work is attributed to Ned Hepburn. © Ned Hepburn 2011.

Oops. Maybe Puma should have chosen you Buff?

Buff Staysail said...

Good point Tillerman, must correct that asap and become media savvy like - and yours truly has just had a cracker of an idea.