Monday, January 16, 2012

Sherlock and the Boat Show

I was going to follow up my brief post on the boat show with another (short frequent postings being the thing nowadays) but the final episode of Sherlock started, and that demanded don't blink levels of attention.

And a cracker it was too. I won't spoil it if you haven't yet seen it (enjoy) but my suspicions were that if Moriarty could [deleted] then he surely could also [deleted]. And as for the ending, well the internet rumour mill is on overdrive but I agreed that Sherlock could have [deleted], [deleted] and then [deleted]: [deleted] is clearly key.

Anyhow less cryptically, the great Holmes is famous for noticing the dog that didn't bark and one of the interesting things about the boat show was who wasn't there this time who were in the past. Quite a lot of no-shows and the halls felt a lot emptier of stands and people.

For example there was no On Deck Sailing for the annual wouldn't it be great to do Antigua Week conversation. They probably got fed up with time wasters who each year would come up and say "wouldn't it be great to do Antigua Week", drink a glass of bubbly and then disappear.

So no free bubbly and no dancing girls.

But what was there? Well to answer that question would make this post long, and as we all know, frequent short posts are the thing now a days.

Later, guys!


O Docker said...

What, there's another new blogging trend that I've completely missed?

I thought the lastest trend was pictures that move.

How does one keep up?

And it's about time that someone thought to dramatize those Sherlock Holmes stories.

JP said...

I think you're just that bit further ahead of the curve than me with those animated GIFs!

Its a poor excuse but I don't have the tools - it would be worth getting something as want to try out that tilt lens effect which was used (I think) here for the Sherlock pic.

I don't know if you can get this version of Sherlock in the ol' US of A but if you do watch as they are well done and great fun.

JP said...

Oh look, there's a web based version of Photoshop!!

O Docker said...

Once you have the individual images, even as JPEG's, there are now web sites that will create the animated GIF for you.

Think the cloud.

Unfortunately, those of us in the colonies are told, very politely of course, that the Beeb's iPlayer won't work here.

I believe they're producing a special version of Sherlock for the US market, but are having problems working in the requisite car crashes and gunfights.

JP said...

Not many car chases, no, but cracking dialog.

I hope you do manage to get to see it - I'm sure the Beeb will try to flog it to the US market

JP said...

Oh, and in this version Watson is a blogger :)