Sunday, March 25, 2012

The kayaker and the speaking rucksack

T-shirts and sun glasses at dawn, JP's been paddling!

Ok, got to get these things right, preparation is key:
  • Passage plan: it might not be a LAT but the range at Chelsea was over 6m and anyone on the Thames in London must think tidal. Headed downstream with the outgoing tide and then came back up near slack.

  • Clothing: short, boots and t-shirt (ok, plus something long sleaved) and of course life jacket

  • Equipment: water bottle, VHF radio, waterproof camera and some rope just in case. Oh and shades.
The VHF radio was set to listen in to channel 14 and then stuffed into my rucksack behind me. 

I then kept hearing these voices from it on the lines of "This is London VTS: proceed through span Delta" which was at first disconcerting but also useful as there were updates on river status including tide at 15 and 45 minute past the hour.

All in all a good first paddle to add to those two day sails - though the camera, alas, is now looking rather battered.

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