Thursday, August 22, 2013

Greenland as Mars

After the excitements (and relaxations) of the Turner Island anchorages it was time to move on. As the ice had driven us further north than usual we needed more sailing days to get down to Tasiilaq on schedule.

The next hop was to a little inlet at behind Cape Ewart off Knighton Fjord which turned out to be incredibly barren (above).

It reminded me a bit of the images transmitted by the spacecraft sent to Mars, apart, of course, from the sky being blue rather than red. I wasn't surprised to find out that Greenland has indeed been used as a test bed for Mars technology.

We concluded it must be because it was relatively dry, for where there were rivers some greenery did appear:
We hiked to a couple of lakes just above the anchorage while K. collected wild sorrel to add to salads and pesto (dinners were pretty good on-board) but didn't feel much need to stay.

So the following day we headed south again...


bonnie said...

Enjoying the trip reports!

JP said...

Thanks! Lots to come and I'll try to post a bit more frequently until catch up but I'm laptop-less and at a hotel with a slowwwwww wifi

Anonymous said...

Lots of hiking too. Very energetic, not just lounging around in deck chairs then - it is a cruise afterall. ;-)

JP said...

My hiking boots had a good year - from the Great Wall of China to a glacier in Greenland.