Monday, November 18, 2013

The uses of duct tape

Duct tape is wonderful and one of the sailor's most versatile tools.

Tillerman is so keen on it he is thinking about making a boat with it and giving it (either the boat or just lots and lots of duct tape) to his granddaughter for her birthday.

It has also been holding together the back of my iPhone for a couple of months after I found out that dropping it while out for a run was a bad idea. But even duct tape will only last so long.

There really was a reason for upgrading to that Nexus 5 Chris! (*)

(*) Not that I'm saying that this was a good reason. I could have applied another coating of duct tape. But I was well past the upgrade time.


O Docker said...

Many users with older, duct-taped phones report the duct tape has a much shorter life when they upgrade to iOS 7, so they're forced to get new phones after all.

Those Apple engineers don't miss a trick!

JP said...

Maybe I should wrap the Nexus in duct tape now just in case as cheap protector?

I still haven't upgraded to iOS 7 on my various iThings as want to backup before zap them and haven't had a home laptop.

Now it has finally arrived - I've been without one for 4 months and for most tasks the Chromebook and iPad were sufficient.

Anonymous said...

Umm, that looks rather like brown parcel tape....

JP said...