Monday, January 06, 2014

London's top four outdoor ice rinks

So after four years study here are four of London's top outdoor ice rinks for those winter months.

1. Somerset House (above). The original and the best. Lovely size and location, often sold out for a good reason.

2. Hampton Court (below). Another great location and less crowded, plus you can visit Henry VIII's palace or go on the river (except when its flooded)
3. Tower of London (below). This is where I had that horrid prang which sort of put me off it but its an unbeatable location though of course a bit touristy:
4. The Natural History Museum (below). Bit small but handy for those in SW London and there are dinosaurs next door and as we know everything is better with a dinosaur:
Any favourite rinks out there that I've missed?

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