Friday, January 03, 2014

What makes a good year?

It's the time of the review's of 2013 and usually blogging is no exception - except this year we seem to be lacking posts on that subject.

There is a certain degree of the "what I did with my summer holidays" assignment that might people off, but there can be positives.

Sometimes its just the pleasure of going through a year, remembering the good times and places visited.

Sometimes there is real case for celebration, such as the amazing summer of 2012.

But there are also benefits: to spot trends and to help answer that key question for the New Year: what makes a good year?

I think that 2013 was a good year for me because of the travel. Lots of interesting places visited including Vienna, Australia, China, Iceland, Greenland (above) and Geneva.

There was also a lot of good books read during 2013, from the voyages of Mingming, Vikings, Robin Knox-Johnston and Tristan Jones all about sailing to Greenland and the north.

Another theme during the year was photography, with lessons from Rick Tomlinson and a reviews of three cameras.

Of course there was Buff, Sassi and their adventures in show-biz and the America's Cup.

The plans for 2014 are still foggy, but if last year is a guide I should try to include some good travel, sailing to interesting places, good books and a spot of fiction writing too.

What do you think?


Tillerman said...

I think it's good to look back.

I know I ran more running races this year and sailed fewer regattas. But when I looked back at my reports of sailing on my blog I realized that some days on the water were so much rewarding than others and it got me to thinking about why and how I can maximize the good sailing experiences and eliminate the others.

Also contemplating what else will be different this year.

JP said...

Sounds like a good subject for a blog post.