Sunday, February 02, 2014

Join Bart's Bash on 21st September 2014

I've spent the last three weeks coughing & battling chronic bronchitis but its worth breaking the blogging break for this, the announcement of Bart's Bash.

As you can read here, the aim is to have the world's largest sailing event on 21st September 2014 to honour the memory of Bart Simpson.

Lets go sailing


O Docker said...

Sorry you're not feeling better, JP.

Sorry, too, that such an otherwise charming country as yours is cursed with weather chronically conducive to respiratory ailments.

You should probably be spending more time in the pub and less out in the weather.

JP said...


The weather might have been a bit damp recently, but it was probably just as well I had it while at home and not sailing somewhere in arctic waters.