Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Turner and the Sea at the National Maritime Museum

The National Maritime Museum at Greenwich is currently showing an exhibition called "Turner and the Sea" and it is absolutely brilliant.

Ok, I might have to qualify that with the proviso that you must like art and J. M. W. Turner the artist and his sea works in particular. If you like (say) Old Masters or want to see Turner's "Rain, Steam and Speed – The Great Western Railway" then you're going to be disappointed.

But I loved it and made lots of notes which might leak out over the next few days but the main point of this post is that the exhibition closes on the 21st of April so there are less than two weeks to go.

This might not be much help to those who aren't in the UK now or over the next fortnight, but if you like sailing and art its not to be missed so plan your trip over to Greenwich now.

I went Saturday afternoon which to be honest meant it was a bit crowded but there was plenty of time to have a good close look at favs like this one:
There was the Turner and the Masters on a few years ago at the Tate and this exhibition complements that one nicely.

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