Saturday, August 02, 2014

Buff in Gaza: No one is safe

I ran from the beach looking for the Australian Embassy, without luck.

It appears the international community has turned its back on these people.

At one corner I was waved back by a man in a green t-shirt and jeans. I didn't get it - we were both civilians, surely we'd be safe?

Then without warning an Israeli sniper shot him and he fell to the ground. He struggled but they shot him again and again.

Dead, just like that.

Later Clemmie was to tell me Israeli soldiers in an earlier war had said that they'd kill a three year old girl so what hope would there be for ol' Buff? Now there are Israeli mobs opening calling for "Death to Arabs".

I turned the other way and ran, following a sign to somewhere called Shuja’iyah...

To be continued....


Anonymous said...

These snipers shooting at civilians are scum. And they wonder why people hate them with venom?

JP said...

The Israeli press seems to be keeping that country in a bubble where they aren't aware of what their force are doing. Those that do know, like the journalist Gideon Levy, who tried to break the bubble now require bodyguards.