Thursday, October 02, 2014

River Picture Puzzle

This picture was taken in London on World Rivers Day (i.e. Sunday).

Can you work out from it which direction the river is flowing?

For extra bonus marks, if I were to say the building on the right used to be a brewery, what animal would you see if you were to look up?

Updated: Chris is correct! The direction can be worked out because in London most satellite dishes point SE to SSE, so the river is flowing north. It's the Wandle River which passes what used to be the Ram Brewery, hence:

Soon to be developed into lots and lots of apartments (e.g. in a 36 story tower block).


Tillerman said...

1. Uphill
2. A seagull

Bursledon Blogger said...

Downstream - do I get a bonus.

Chris Partridge said...

That is the river Wandle and the animal is a ram as any fule kno.

JP said...

Chris is right! I'll add the ram to the post.

I am of course looking for a compass direction and the answer is in the photo (though having a copy of Tristan's book The Walker's Guide would help as there's a clue on page 289)

Chris Partridge said...

Dagnabit..I totally failed to notice that satellite dish.

JP said...

Correct! In the UK most satellite dishes point somwhere between SE and SSE so this river must be flowing north, which of course it does as its the Wandle