Friday, December 02, 2005

Doh! Kids today!

Give the kids a boat and see what they do? Beat all expectations and come second in the Volvo Ocean race Atlantic leg to Cape Town, thats what. The inexperienced crew of ABN-2 seem to have had a bit of a blast: in the first night's storm "we didn’t really know how windy it was though we couldn’t get the sails down anyway".

Thats right, just enjoy the speed: "We started making a train noise every time we hit 25 knots, but after a while we got tired of it so we raised the level to 27 and we even got tired of that, so we moved it to 30".

And they have their in-port priorities in the right place - replacing a water soaked iPod: "The first thing I will do in Cape Town is buy another one because we can’t race without an iPod on board".

Ah, bless - boys with their toys.


Joolz said...
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Joolz said...

I found you some pictures here MrJP.

JP said...

Cool - thanks for that Joolz!

Hope you had a good holiday.