Saturday, December 05, 2020

Liam Gallagher "live" on the Thames

I miss going out, enjoying London's rich cultural life - the museums, theatre and above all the concerts -  but then this is 2020, the year of Covid-19.

So instead I've been watching some "live" gigs streamed onto my big TV. Not as much atmosphere but you can grab something from the fridge when you like and the journey home is a lot quicker. Last weekend was Dua Lipa and her Studio 2054 show was brilliant - the long tracking shot during "New Rules" was epic.

This evening Liam Gallagher was live streaming a gig which he played on a barge travelling up the Thames. Apparently it was filmed about a month ago, so no chance to see it really live.

It was great fun, with lots of old Oasis classics, and London looked absolutely lovely, particularly from the river and tracking helicopter Not sure that was the intention of a true Manchester City supporter like Liam.

He had a particular issue with the London Eye, and the stream got rather fruity ("big round thing, lit up, f*** off!") as they sailed past.

Ah, happy memories of the Gallagher brothers with a live mic! I remember seeing his brother Noel Gallagher at Greenwich a few years ago properly live and that was just a magical evening.

You can see an exert of the #downbytheriverthames show in the clip above.

If EDM is more your thing, then check out the Above and Beyond Group Therapy 400 on the Thames back in September:

Update: trailer for the Liam Gallagher show with more views of London: