Sunday, January 15, 2006

Its not over till the fat lady sings

Just as the Moose and the grown ups on Black Betty seemed to have Leg 2 all wrapped up the boys on ABN AMRO TWO gave them a shock by nosing in front.

It didn't last - as of this posting ABN AMRO ONE is yet again at the top of the leader's board. But this is feeling like a mid-leg re-start for the three leading boats currently compressed into under 30 miles.

Mike and co have slightly stronger wind but also slightly less advantageous wind angle for the final 400 miles to Eclipse Island. Then, as the figure below shows, a beat to windward to Melbourne.

By now thoughts will have turned to showers, clean clothes, beers, proper food, more beers, and beds. But with the competition so intense none of them can relax. And an ever nagging worry must be - will any other boats suffer major damage?

For in the last few days both movistar and Pirates have had their own keel problems which the ABN duo have so noticably avoided. The Volvo 70's relability and more importantly suitability, is a topic that has stirred much controversy - so more on this later.

Pictures from Virtual Spectator and NOAA

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