Saturday, January 14, 2006

Slowing down, stacking up

As the Volvo boats approach Australia they are slowing, compressing what remains of the fleet close together, with Two now under a hundred miles from One.

For Mike Sanderson is heading straight into the centre of a high and the reported wind speed at ABN AMRO ONE is a mere 5 knots.

But he has little choice. There seems no way round the band of slow wind as can be seen in the figure below so he is forced on the direct route however frustrating that will be (for reference his approximate location is 40S 110E).

So there's hope for the chasing pack. But after they round Eclipse Island it looks like they'll be back in bumpy upwind sailing. Lets hope nothing more breaks.

And talking of tough upwind sailing, its good to hear that Dee Caffari has come through the gale in the south pacific off Cape Horn and is now sailing west under blue skies with winds in the 20 - 30 knot range.

Pictures from Virtual Spectator and NOAA

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