Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Close Quarters

There's some close sailing going on deep in the south Pacific as the boats of the Volvo Ocean race sprint towards Cape Horn. Movistar and Pirates are locked together fighting for the chance to challenge Black Betty, and both gaining - if ever so slightly - on ABN AMRO ONE. At the back ABN AMRO TWO has overtaken Ericsson, who are fighting back hard.

Its been a long slog across the empty cold wastes of the planets biggest ocean, but there's no chance to relax as the pressure is on all the boats for the points within reach at the scoring gate just 400 miles ahead.

With no tactical decisions for navigators till the turn north it's a case of trim, trim, trim and gentle on the helm. And either elation or despair when the scheds come it.

Picture from Virtual Spectator

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