Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Ellen's Latest

Is anyone that interested in Ellen's latest venture? Sorry Ellen - you're still our top sailor and all, but its hard to get excited by your tour of the far East. Are the records really that significant, sailing wise? It seems more a case of raising B&Q and your profiles in the far East.

But it must be exciting to be sailing in new waters and its good to get more markets interested in yacht racing - particular where there could be many well healed sponsors.

Anyhow for those that are following it, the news is Ellen is riding out a storm (in the picture above) by sheltering behind Yaky Shima island, off Japan.

Picture from www.teamellen.com


Tillerman said...

Good point. It seemed kind of pointless to me too for someone of Ellen's caliber to go after these records. But maybe you're right - it's all about the sponsor.

JP said...

On the other hand - wouldn't say no if someone offered to pay me to spend some time sailing around the far east on B&Q!